Crispy Polenta with Mushroom Gravy (Vegetarian)

I love polenta. I love creamy polenta, crispy polenta and polenta on the bottom of a pizza crust. What is polenta? Corn meal. It is just corn meal. Polenta is used a lot in Italian cooking as it is their little personal version of grits…..also corn meal. I decided to make this for a quick breakfast, #meatlessmonday dinner, and I maaaay make a version of this as a holiday appetizer.

Now, generally I make my own polenta because it is embarrassingly easy but for this venture I bought the imported tube straight from Italy to make my polenta discs. If I make this as a holiday appetizer I will make my own as any store bought food, even from Italy, the flavor was lacking. Please know I would only EVER buy store bought polenta for crispy polenta as the setting and cooling has already taken place. Never ever should you buy this for creamy polenta.


1 Tube of Polenta – Cut into discs of your desired thickness
8 Mini Portabella Mushrooms
2 Cups of Vegetable base gravy (I make my own)
2 eggs
Green onions & Tomato for garnish

How To
Can’t get easier than this! Once your discs are cut place them in a pan with some oil or butter or both and crisp both sides up! The store bought polenta has a higher water content so it took about 5 minutes on medium heat per side to crisp up. Fry yourself up an egg and begin to make your layers. Ours were as follows: Polenta, tomato, egg, gravy, Parmesan, green onion. Done! The outside of your polenta cakes should be crispy while the inside remains creamy. Quick dinner, snack, lunch, or impressive appetizer!



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