Mikey’s Killer Cream of Corn

This will kill you.

They say a family that cooks together stays together, but I personally think that when people cook together one of them ends up murdered. Most home cooks do not like anyone in their kitchen while they are at work. I remember my dad screaming from the kitchen “why are you in my kitchen?” and I was generally the only exception. People love to gravitate towards the food because we are grazing beings. We love to snack, but a chef hates you snacking in their space. My dad would jokingly slap my brother’s hands as they tried to sneak samples of dinner and say “you are ruining my presentation!” Yes, this is how I grew up, and now how I cook myself. No one is allowed in my personal little cooking bubble.

My uncle sent his genius recipe via email, but this last Sunday we did cook together and I am happy to report everyone involved is alive and well!

I made this, put it in a glass container for dinner the next night, but proceeded to eat the WHOLE thing standing at the counter. I am going to die. Send help.

UPDATE: I wrote this particular piece about a week before Taco Trifecta (still pending release) and I used the foundation of this recipe to create a Mexican Corn Dip. Holy Jesus. Recipe will be below the original, and please for the love of butter make BOTH.

Do not send me or Mikey your hospital bills.



Creamed Corn

4 ears of corn
Milk (I used heavy cream)
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Parmesan Cheese
Cream Cheese

Original Recipe is as follows: The original corn on the cob was wrapped in foil with unsalted butter, smoked salt, fresh ground pepper, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and onion powder. Heated that thru on the grill…
The next day, I took 3 ears of the leftover corn and cut the corn off the cob. In a saucepan I heated 1/4 cup cream cheese, 1/4 cup milk, 2 tbsp unsalted butter, and more ground pepper until melted, and then added corn to heat through.

I made mine fresh as I did not have leftover corn, and the only difference I made was heavy cream instead of milk and an addition of 1/4 barbecued Jalapeno.

Ya’ll will need Jesus for this.


I was able to pair this with my Black Bean Meatloaf and Cauliflower Mash before devouring it, so that is the picture below.



5 ears of corn
2 Tablespoons Butter
1/4 cup heavy cream
Garlic Powder to taste
Onion Powder to taste
Cream Cheese 8oz
1/2 Grilled Jalapeno
1 Cup Salsa Verde
1 Cup Sour Cream
2 cups Pepper Jack Cheese
2 Fresh Limes
Cilantro and Green Onion for topping

Let all your wet ingredients melt in a saucepan, add your cheese and corn. Let everything get gooey and delicious. Based on personal preference you may need more heavy cream/sour cream. I made this early in the morning and had to reheat later that afternoon for the festivities and this dish reheats beautifully.

This dip is the perfect mix of fresh with the in season corn that has a crisp bite, spicy, and gooey. What more could someone want in a dip? I always know a recipe is a winner when all individuals in the household are hovered over a tiny glass bowl fighting to the death for the next scoop. This was a winner, folks. At one point we had to put the lid on and lock it in the garage…..well not the garage….I screamed at Kyle for one last bite before he locked it away, and Mikey was truly insulted when Kyle(again, no manners) tried to leave the house without leaving him any for the next day.


Original Cream of Corn Recipe created by: Mikey
Photos here and there Mikaela Immenschuh Photography


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