Farmers Market Soap – Rutherford Reserve – Review

In case it was not obvious or apparent I am big fan of all natural ingredients and the same standard applies to beauty and skincare products. I also am a big fan of farmers markets. Naturally, when a farmers market has skincare products I am going to buy them. In fact, usually when first arriving at a farmers market the first stands I look for are: dog related anything, soap, lotions, body scrubs, and cute hobo bags. There are plenty of stands with fruits and vegetables so they can wait as I wander around aimlessly looking for the above list.

This last weekend Kyle and I went to a new farmers market with some friends, and since the very first thing I bought was bandannas for my dogs I apparently “missed” the soap lady stand. I am just going to believe she wasn’t there the first time I walked by and was able to set up in the approximate 20 minutes it took us to walk around the court again, hence I never missed her….she just wasn’t there, because I would never miss or walk by the soap stand. Obviously.

I love anything Milk, Tea, Honey,Ginger, Almond, or Oatmeal scented (these are my top favorites I clearly have others). The skincare stand at this particular farmers market went by the name of Rutherford Reserve, and I will link all their info below because she has an Etsy shop so you do not have to be a Sacramento local to enjoy her products. I believe I was greeted by Karrie – the owner – I honestly was so excited to find her and the products I could not be 100% if that was her. No matter who it was that I met they were darling and helpful. I was told all the products were made by hand by her, and she had really different things that I had never seen before. She had fruit scented soaps, citrus, herbs, and your classics of course – lavender, oatmeal etc.She makes her own incense as well – which I will need to purchase the next time I run into her. I bought 4 soaps in total and I am sad to tell you I didn’t pick 4 different soaps because I was in LOVE with Ginger Milk Tea – oh my jesus – so I got two of those, 1 Lemon Delight, and 1 Red Clover Tea. I promise I will buy ALL the scents next time to review, but I was hypnotized by the Ginger Milk Tea I just could not help myself.

Enough blabbering – my final thoughts are below.

Aesthetics: I adore that these soaps remain rustic, they do not have clean cut edges and some of the pieces have chunks missing out of them – I adore it and love it. You can tell there are no dyes or anything artificial because the colors remain true to the ingredients. The lemon bar is almost completely white with some flecks of zest. Ginger Milk Tea (oh my god, again) is darker, and the Red Clover Tea is a beige with red and brown ribbons running through it. I think they are beautiful and love that they keep the natural look about them.


Smell: I unfortunately have become a total scent snob in my aging years, and I will blame my grandmother for this as she is EXTREMELY sensitive to almost all things with ANY scent whatsoever. I am nowhere near that extreme, but I become very agitated if something works its way into my nostrils that my body does not enjoy, and so overwhelming or faked scents do not do well with me. The soaps are PACKED with scent, but not in a bad way at all. In fact, the remaining two that are not in my shower are sitting about 10ft away from me currently and every so often I can smell the lemon bar, but it’s a fresh and comforting smell. I used the Ginger Milk Tea in the shower about 6 hours ago and if I take my arm up to my face there is a faint reminder of the bar, and personally I like that faint scent. I do not like a soap where the scent sticks to your skin like glue, because if you are a woman that wears perfume ( I am not) the two could not agree with one another, and also I have found that the only soap products that stick to your skin all day are the artificially chemical loaded ones. Although I would like to bathe in Ginger Milk Tea 24/7 I don’t mind that scent lingers throughout the day to give me faint reminders but in no way overwhelming or “stuck” to me. All 3 soaps had the same scent pay off which is amazing because no matter scent you choose to buy you can assume consistency. The Lemon bar did not have more scent than the Red Clover Tea because they all are jam packed with flavor.

Use: When it comes to natural or homemade soap “use” is the make or break. I have tried so many homemade soaps and so many do not lather. These babies lather, and WELL. I was honestly impressed. When I find a shower product that smells amazing, does not make my sensitive skin break out, and doesn’t send me into an allergic reaction I tend to stick with it for life and use it for everything. I washed my body, I lathered it on my legs and then proceeded to shave. Lather was well done, and the moisture afterwards was there. Also, the ginger bar has bits of real ginger in it that act as a soft exfoliate which is just enough for my wimpy skin because salt and sugar are  generally too rough, and in some cases even bits of oatmeal which is what handmade soaps tend to use.  In case you don’t believe the “homemade” or “organic”skincare products you are buying are true an easy way to tell is if after you rinse off the product you get that “squeaky clean” feeling. Your skin feels this way because there isn’t a fine coating of chemicals making you believe your skin is as soft as a baby’s arse – guess what your skin isn’t that soft. Only babies get that precious skin – it’s all downhill from there.

Bottom Line: I want everything I own to smell like Ginger Milk Tea. These soaps did not cause my skin to panic at all, I felt moisturized, clean, and delish. I would and do recommend these to anyone. All associated links with Karrie’s company are below.
Also, I bought all these products myself. Maybe next time a giveaway perhaps?





2 thoughts on “Farmers Market Soap – Rutherford Reserve – Review

  1. Thank you so much for the review! It was me at the market! 🙂 I can do a special order of any of my products with the Ginger milk tea. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. An etsy listing for the ginger milk tea will be up shortly. Also I’ll make a coupon code for your followers “winewhiskbliss”. Thank you again,Karrie


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