Easy Cucumber Salad

I really tried to think of a cute name for this salad, but I failed.

This salad is extremely simple, very pleasing to the eye, and healthy! I would take this to a BBQ instead of macaroni salad any day. Potato salad would be a different story because I make bomb potato salad, and that will be for another day my friends.


What you will need:
4 Cucumbers
1 Red Onion
Fresh Dill
2 Lemons
1 cup Greek Yogurt
3 Roma Tomatos

This one cannot get any more simple. Cut all your ingredients up to the same size or shape the best you can, add your lemon, dill, and yogurt – mix. I let mine sit overnight but it’s delicious immediately as well. I contemplated cutting everything up veeeery tiny and making a dip for some pita chips? I am not sure. Let me know what you think!


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