Apothic Pasta

If anyone ever tells you that you cannot boil spaghetti in a whole bottle of red wine kick them out of your life…..or send them here so I get traffic….maybe that is the better idea.

Regardless, haters to the left.

We are doing this.



Random fact about me: I love beets.
What the Hell does that have to do with pasta? Well, there was an article in a local food magazine I read where someone had made pasta with beets! Delicious. I know most of you are thinking that is disgusting, but not I. Beets are also a beautiful rich color which of course made the pasta a vibrant red. I was not about to make homemade pasta. I have been there done that, and though the end result is amazing and delicious Whole Foods sells fresh made pasta for 6.99 and in turn I get to keep 90% of my sanity. Note: I did not use fresh pasta for this recipe…sue me.

Long story short if I wanted red pasta without incorporating beets the solution was simple:wine. Wine is always the solution.


What you will need:
Your favorite red wine – as seen above I used Apothic Red – it’s a tasty Cali blend
Olive Oil
Red Pepper Chili Flakes
Grated Parmesan

Pour yourself a glass of wine and then DUMP the entire remaining bottle into a pot. Do not add water. High heat. Anxiously pace kitchen waiting for wine to boil. Add the spaghetti once the wine is at a rolling boil, and let it cook roughly 10 minutes….I’m not sure on exact times because I tasted pieces every few minutes as you should as well because not everyone’s pasta, stoves, wine are the same.

Now, while the pasta was cooking I was successfully multitasking. Butter, mushrooms, olive oil, garlic, and chili flakes. Cook those together to make a beautiful concoction for your pasta to bathe in.


By the time the pasta is done there will not be a lot of wine left in the pot. You have maybe a glass left over. DO NOT DRINK IT. I did it for you, and it is disgusting.

Add the pasta into your pan with the mushrooms, toss, add cheese, more cheese, and EAT!


Those two forks are not because I planned to share.

Honest feedback: This was absolutely incredible, it is easy, and super impressive. Invite people over and boil wine in your kitchen to cook them a meal. Instant impressiveness. I believe the mushrooms are necessary to add an earthy and meaty addition to the wine flavors. The pasta is competitive all on its own and with only butter and garlic I feel it would then be overwhelming for most…not me, but most. The pasta absorbs 90% of the wine so pick a good one because you will most definitely be tasting it. I am not one to say no to the 2 buck chuck but in this scenario you may want to spend the $8 for Apothic.




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