Guac Therapy

I am going to be completely honest, and just come out and say it: I do not like guacamole.


Unless Mikaela makes it.

Seriously, I never order it at a restaurant, I never make it myself, and if something I happen to be eating has it on there I will scrape it to the side and watch it brown. No thank you, sir.

Guacamole is HIGHLY personal preference so it is an odd thing to choose for a blog posting since “everyone” knows how to make guac, but they don’t. In fact, just this month my work’s newsletter provided a recipe that called for using those salt filled packets you buy at the store…..seriously can you be any more idiotic? You still have to buy ALL the ingredients, because there is no avocadoes or onions hidden in that little packet honey, and then spend $2.59 on a packet of salt…..and what preservatives? And yet, they had me write an article on Life Insurance…..I could have owned that food article.

Bitter much, Krystal?

If you are not educated on whom Mikaela is by now then I cannot help you – she has been mentioned in numerous posting before this, and if you came here from Insta or Facebook you should be well aware.

You can stalk us both below:

Mikaela Immenschuh Photography

Krystal Renee


Mikaela is my first Guest Feature Recipe!


Even though we did not write anything down, and she cooks the same way I do… she goes….tastes….and then adds whatever the heck may be needed, and so though we are excellent cooks we are awful recipe-rs?

Guacamole days at my house consist of the following:
We both end up looking like we just got out of bed – excellent outfit selections
We stand in my kitchen barefoot and I watch as Mikaela makes me guac
Mikaela rifles through my fridge to find beverages and supplies
I am a cilantro hater so sadly….you can add your own to her recipe
Finally, guac with chips ends up being similar to dinner with wine because it turns into therapy provided by guacamole – we talk, vent, laugh, make fun of Kyle, yell at my dogs, and then eat til the entire bowl is gone and reside on my couch for the hours following.

Maybe, the secret to this guacamole is the free therapy that comes with it, but I honestly just think Mikaela is an avocado whisperer. The recipe changes every time based on her mood, but it always excellent and it is not OVER salted like SO MANY PEOPLE DO TO AVOCADOS …. Makes me want to DIE. Seriously, taste your food THEN SALT AND taste AGAIN, people.

This version was just a classic guac minus the cilantro because yours truly is a hater.

1 Raw Garlic Clove – Chopped
3 Beautiful Avocados
¼ Red Onion
½ Jalapeno
8 Cherry Tomatoes
Lime Juice (taste for your preference)
Salt (seriously…..try a little……taste…..try again – this really is the secret)
Chili Flakes (we like it spicy)


Mash all of this together for an end result of your choosing – we tend to like it chunky and not smooth so ours is roughly mashed and then immediately eaten. Also, if you can wait which we never can this would be even better in the fridge for like 15-20 minutes, but let’s be honest no one is going to wait. You’re doomed to stand there and eat the whole bowl after that first chip.


Guac is a wonderful vessel and Mikaela has put black beans in it before, roasted corn, cilantro of course, and homemade chili flake oil. Amazing. This girl knows the world of avocadoes. She has crazy and adventurous ideas so I am very excited to have her cook more things for me to eat, write, and post about. Maybe, next time we can actually write something down, or since Mik is the videographer/photographer we should really just film ourselves to remember.


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