Caramelized Onion Flatbread

This is not a very eye grabbing title. I originally was going to call this Veggie Flatbread which is also lame but as usual when I come up with recipes something always steals the show. This particular day it was the caramelized onion sauce concoction that was made.

I have wanted to make flatbreads for a while because they are so versatile and delicious vessels. They can be veggie, meat, dessert, and perhaps a breakfast version coming soon?

Fun fact about Kyle: before he became an IT genius he used to be a dough boy at a local Round Table Pizza. Yes, a dough boy. He got there every morning at 7 and made all the pizza dough and “skins” for the day. It was quite a labor intensive job….sometimes I tell him he needs to go back part time….hint hint. Long story short though he is my personal dough boy to use for my blog as I wish.

I don’t think a lot of people will make homemade dough for these, but if interested I can get the recipe out of him….he doesn’t quite have one….he just makes it as he goes, because trust me I asked and I got “I don’t know….I just make it”. Beautiful.

Everything is listed below for how we made ours today.
Pizza Dough
Yellow Onion
Bell Pepper
Cherry Tomatoes
Alfredo Sauce(I whipped up my own real quick – I don’t feel like it is a necessity…I would have been just as happy with an olive oil drizzle, but Kyle disagrees and believe it was crucial…..totally up to you on this one!)
GOOD quality mozzarella
GOOD quality Balsamic


Yes, Honey.

Let us begin with the show stopper…..featured up there on the left hand side. This flatbread has a “sauce” of caramelized onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, and a balsamic reduction drizzle. IT.IS.SO.SIMPLE. Yet, so good.

If you want really good caramelized onions you must invest your time in them…..they take hours. You need at least 2. Butter, olive oil, 2 full yellow onions. Low heat. At the end they should like as such on the dough.


Now, we did not make two separate flatbreads, but halved the ingredients so below has some of the other one pictured, but you get the point. The main magic is the onions, the cheese speaks for itself and in complete honesty I don’t even think you NEED cheese, and I LOVE cheese so you know this is good. Kyle brought up that most normal people would also enjoy basil on both versions….I am a basil hater…..therefore we had none.


Just look at this beauty.

The Red Headed Step Child AKA Other Flatbread

This bad boy is the one I made a quick Alfredo sauce for, some bell pepper, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and I would have put more onions but opted out last second. This one is fresh and light where it’s 4.0 GPA sibling is  slightly dramatic always at center stage.

These are perfect for Summer and if I had a bigger BBQ I could have grilled them.


Want to see how some real magic happens in my house?

Here is how I capture my “perfect lighting”, Kyle sits in front of my little itty bitty window to get as much light as possible, under the baking pan is Jack, my fist born that is quite literally always at my feet, and there are my swollen red feet from being in the sun too long this weekend.

Keepin it real.



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