IRed Wine Brownies, and seeing the light

Full disclosure, these brownies need a lot more wine.

But, still a wonderful idea.

Full disclosure again: I am not a baker. I bought this little pre-made mix from my local whole paycheck….it’s organic flour, sugar, and chocolate etc….because I do not bake. Along with the mix it called for water(which I replaced with wine + some), vegetable oil (which I replaced with butter), and eggs. The end product is lot more cake like? than brownies I have made in the past….I’m not sure if that is due to the wine or the butter or if this cute little pre-made mix was just doomed from the start. They are not BAD, in fact all the guests we had over ate them so by all accounts they were delicious, but for my own standards…..they need more wine…..I just don’t know how I’d incorporate more wine…..maybe a port would work best?  I used a California blend….Apothic. Maybe a red wine reduction?  I have no flippin clue….not a baker.

What I am MOST excited for this particular blog and all future ones is I kind of sort of got better at photographing my food! Seriously, guys I am so proud of myself. I am not talented in the arts…..yes, I can write, but paint, draw, sing, dance, or take pictures of things just count me out. So, the fact that I was able to take some helpful hints and produce something successful out them….proud moment over here.

My cousin Mikaela decided that for her last holiday weekend of freedom (she starts college in the Fall) she would basically backpack through Sac is what I referred to it as. Our family is all centrally located in Sacramento, but different cities of course so for a few nights she stayed with my parents, then my aunt, cousins, and dropped by to visit me. Mikaela is also my photographer for those of you that have not read my entire blog…..she took all my wine themed photos, and the amazing Christmas photo shoot….she makes me look so much better than real life….its ridiculous. Seriously…..I don’t look this good. Photo reference below. 12241420_1180762628605206_4221529507568901518_n.jpg

ANYWAYS. While she was visiting we discussed traveling, gossiping, and more so me venting to her that I can not take pictures to save my damn soul. Naturally, she knew what I was doing wrong, how to fix it, and like magic I can take somewhat decent photos of food now. Lighting is everything…which I KNEW because she has explained it to me before, but I guess the proof is in the pudding or in this case the brownies.

I have officially seen what the LIGHT can do people! I have one tiny ass window in my kitchen so it is definitely a pain in the ass to try and capture amazing photos, but I can never go back now. I plan to have her over to yell at me some more to get my skills into gear. I text her pictures of food almost everyday now with such accomplishment…her 18 year old self probably wants to murder me. I am officially uncool.

Back to the brownies…..I suggest getting a GOOD quality mix, and following that….my friends that bake will kill me for that but hey I am being honest on what I did here. I’m not going to pretend like I sifted the shit out of that flour or anything….is that even what it’s called? I replaced water for wine….I don’t like vegetable oil so used butter, and like I stated previously I believe I’d use a good quality port next time I think the wine flavor and color would REALLY pull through that way.

These are a fancy way to impress people, but let’s be honest if you pull out brownies….people are always impressed at least my friends are.

Look at this!!!!


I seriously have a hundred pictures like this one and I am posting them….so proud….it is like they are my children.


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