Green Bean Casserole – Thanksgiving in June

Let me begin this post by stating I have kept this recipe a secret for a long time. I have kept it safe in my head, it has been planned, tasted in my dreams, and a winner for years, but the problem has always been I was never allowed to make it. Yes, I said allowed.

Green Bean Casserole belongs to my mother… I am sure it belongs to many mothers in many households. My mother’s is different though because she is not an adventurous cook (sorry mom). She does not like to cook outside the lines, alter or add anything that could potentially be harmful to the recipe she found on the back of the Pasta Roni box. In theory she would actually make a wonderful baker as there is little room for error in that world, but in the culinary world that I was raised in by my father to always be adding something different to your food mother’s safeness falls flat. Her recipe is exactly what I’m sure you expect it to be: canned green beans and cream of chicken soup(we can’t have cream of mushroom because she hates them). Now, for the holidays it is a staple, my aunt asks for it by name and by all means necessary it is my mother’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dish. She contributes it every year, text everyone that she is making it, and spends hours making it ahead of time. So, what right do I have to completely remake it? None, really. But, I wanted to. So, I did.


Comfort food is great for the holidays and I am no snob to eating congealed grey soup with canned green beans, but I do love my heavy cream, fresh veggies, and bacon.

When I can eat or cook with real food I do just that.I think it is important and it can bring something as simple as green bean casserole way up on the radar.

Fresh Green Beans
Heavy Cream
Red Onion
Crispy Onions (I wanted to make my own but was too lazy)

  1. Render your bacon.

    2. Make a roux.

    3. Add heavy cream

    4. Whisk

5. Add fresh Green Beans and cheese

I honestly do not remember how long I baked this for….I would assume about 20 minutes until the beans are to your liking. If you like traditional green bean casserole with mushy beans they will need a lot longer to cook in the liquid but if you like them with a bite left which is how I prepared these I would say 15-20 minutes, and just check on them.

The crispy onions make all the difference, and next time I want to fry my own shallots for the topping but this was the middle of the week and I was far too lazy for that.

In case your wondering my mother does know I made this, she is intrigued, did not disown me, but I still do not think I am allowed to bring it to Thanksgiving Dinner.



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