Almost Vegetarian Philly

Blame Kyle.


This is the first thing I decided to actually cook after about 4 days of not eating let alone cooking due to my allergic reaction. I do not know where the recipe came from….if it is a recipe at all. I think my body was just craving some veggies and bread, because honestly what is better?

I pulled out all the produce in my fridge which at the time was mushrooms, bell peppers, onions(always), and some shallot. I was not going to say anything to Kyle but given that he hadn’t really eaten in 4 days either I asked… you want bacon? Did I really have to ask? So, there went my vegetarian idea. Oh well.

Honestly, I am just going to post pictures, because this really cannot get an more simple. Saute all your veggies, throw some cheese on there, toast, and eat, and though I do not recommend not eating 4 days prior to this sandwich…..I think it totally made it better.

P.S do not judge my little convention oven…..there is really no decent way to completely clean it, and so I am just waiting for my grandma to buy me another one.

Hint Hint.


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