Shrimp Curry/AIP Experiment/Elimination Diet

If you only want the recipe – scroll allllllll the waaaaaay down, fool.


I do not like anything that ends in protocol because I HATE being told what to do. Stomp my feet on the ground kind of hate it, BUT I was emailed an article from a friend about the Autoimmune Protocol diet, and she asked me if I have ever tried it myself? No, I have not. No, I never will. I did some research and long story short it is basically a paleo diet. Autoimmune disease has been on the rise the last few years as more people are being diagnosed. I was diagnosed at the age of 9 so I have a majority of those people beat in length of time with disease and in rarity, because I am 1 in 5 million.


Doesn’t make you any more special to have the weirdest autoimmune disease, Krystal. Whatever.

I asked a few people I keep in close contact with on the Internet about the diet, and they seemed to have the same opinion that 1 strict diet should not be used for all, but I believe we all agreed over an elimination diet being beneficial. Elimination diet is as simple as it sounds – begin eliminating some common inflammatory reaction foods from your diet and see how you feel. Grains, beans, nuts, eggs, dairy, tomatoes, CHEESE. Okay, do you see this list? Already I hate it. But, it also leads me to believe that I should give it a try solely on the fact that I eat a lot of things listed above sometimes on a daily basis. Now, I do not feel like my body triggers a negative response to the foods on the above list, but it might? How would I know if I have never ever ever in my entire life eliminated them?


I do believe that disease resides in the gut, and there are PLENTY of articles to back me up on this, but do your own research because I hate citing. I do not have a healthy gut and I am not sure if I ever will. I enjoyed loads of antibiotics as a child, and I still to this day rely on pretty heavy anti-inflammatories to get through my day. All of which eat away at healthy bacteria and wear down your stomach lining. I am sure my insides look like swiss cheese that someone vomited back up. Cute.


My husband and I eat healthy. Our meats are organic grass-fed (thank you Costco), we eat plenty of healthy fats and vegetables, but grains are a huge part of our diet. I love hot bread and butter probably more than I love my dogs. I love rice. I love beans. I love pasta. I love it all! So, for the purpose of this blog and maybe my health let us experiment and see how close I get to killing my husband when all these foods are taken away from me!


I can tell you right that I will cheat, and I can also tell you this is not following any set of rules diet and it will make no sense to anyone. I will never give up wine, duh. I will not give up the grass fed butter in my fridge because that shit is expensive, and I will be Googling a LOT when I cook to see if certain things are allowed and feel free to call on me using something I shouldn’t but chances are I already know and I’ll reply “thanks! 🙂 “ but really I am flipping you off.


Shrimp Curry
If you do not like curry chances are you are 1.dumb or 2. You have never had good curry. I am just making a yellow curry because it goes well with shrimp and cauliflower which is what I will be pairing it with rather than rice. Booo. Curry is a really delicious vessel that you can put over almost anything and it is amazing. Take away the shrimp and it is easily vegetarian, as well.


Wild Shrimp
Yellow Curry (get a good quality)
Chicken Stock
Red pepper Flakes
Mini Sweet Peppers
Celery (I had way too many celery sticks left after making bloody mary’s for a party, my dogs won’t eat them and I hate raw celery so I am just shoving it in everything)
Coconut cream

Contraband food we are eating in this meal according to the AIP Die
Mini Sweet Peppers
Red Pepper Flakes


I love curry because it is such a flavorful vessel, I have made it vegetarian with sweet potatoes, I have simmered chicken breast in it all day to get the most amazing flavor, and above all else it is just SO easy and SO hard to F up. So don’t F it up!


Saute your veggies(celery, shallot, and peppers) and once they are the color you like add your raw shrimp to the hot pan. While the shrimp cooks add your curry seasoning( this is where personal preference comes into play) I used about 3 heaping tablespoons, but use what you wish. Yellow curry is NOT spicy. Let the bottom of your pan get dark, and let flavors develop THEN add your chicken stock to create the sauce. Once again make this as thick or thin as you like.


Since this is shrimp you do not want it to simmer too long because your shrimp will boil and get nasty, or take them out and let more flavor develop for a while. I don’t care, but I was hungry so I did not let it sit very long. I added a quarter cup of coconut cream for deliciousness and then served it all beside roasted cauliflower.


I can make a recipe for roasted cauliflower but it is seriously so easy. Toss some cauliflower in olive oil, S&P and bake that shit til it’s as tan as I am in my dreams.


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