Bruschetta Remake

Wow, Krystal you made Bruschetta…..only the easiest dish in the world.

Yes, I know. Basically, I had this other genius idea that turned out to be a total fail. I made Gnocchi in a cheese sauce, so basically mac n cheese but substitute little potato balls for pasta. So, it was adequate. It was not awful and Kyle really liked it, but I just wasn’t impressed enough to post it to the Internet. So, where does Bruschetta come along? I made Bruschetta as a snack while waiting for my casserole thing to bake, and the Bruschetta was amazing.

Now, if you are a chef or a foodie like myself this post may not interest you, but if you are the person that never ventures outside the lines, or is intimidated by fancy dishes than STAY because this is so easy, quick, and delicious.

Bruschetta can be made in many different variations but traditionally it is tomato, basil, some olive oil, and place it all on top of some toasted bread. Simple. Amazing. Secret about me, I do not like fresh tomatoes on 99% of foods. Seriously, do not put it on my sandwich, a burger, a salad, NOTHING. But, I love cooked tomatoes, Bruschetta, and fresh diced tomatoes on top of a hot pizza. I KNOW IT IS WEIRD! Another Secret about me, I also do not like chocolate, OMG, seriously. Chocolate makes me sick, but I love brownies, especially the crunchy edges with vanilla ice cream. Weirdo Alert over here.

Shut up and get to the food.

My take on Bruschetta:

Crunchy Bread (I used sourdough, use what you want)
Fresh Basil
Red Onion
Balsamic Vinegar


Here is where all the easy steps come in.

1. Cut and dice red onion, tomatoes, I know the picture above has garlic but I vetoed it last minute, roll your basil into a joint looking object and cut it that way to get cute little slivers. PS do not mock my knife skills in this particular dish, I was dying of starvation and could not give a crap.

2. Add Balsamic vinegar….the tiniest amount. I added sea salt, because tomatoes NEED salt, black pepper, and garlic powder, and please for the love of GOD do not get garlic powder and garlic salt mixed up as they are completely different. One is amazing and the other should be banned from grocery shelves everywhere.


3. The fun begins, and this is where the remake happens. I had bought the fresh mozzarella originally for my gnocchi bake but decided not to use it. I cut the loaf of bread in half, slapped pats of butter on it, and topped it all off with the mozz. Slapped that bad boy in the over for 10 minutes, and it was just beautiful.


Also, remember I am not a food photographer…..yet. So, yes you will see my wine slushie in the background there, and my protein pancakes which I cannot recommend enough.


Make this.



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