Summer Alfredo

I know that it is not summer in California, yet. In full disclosure I really just wanted to make Alfredo sauce and pasta, but I tend to overthink things, passed beautiful cherry tomatoes in the store, and the rest is below in this blog.

As I may have mentioned a few hundred times before I love sauce-y(?) foods. I used to eat pasta A LOT and I am not sure what happened because I slowly but surely moved away from it. I do not crave it often…maybe once or twice a year, but when I do it is always that buttery, creamy, and cheese loaded lover – Alfredo. You know maybe I abandoned pasta when I made my first risotto? Actually, that sounds more like it. Jeez, I am always undermining my own posts… this pasta….but risotto is better. Ha.

If you are going to make Alfredo then you have to make homemade sauce. HAVE TO. The sauce does not take a lot of time, maybe 15 minutes total depending on how long you want the garlic to sit in the olive oil and butter.

There is only one restaurant locally that I order pasta from and it is because I know that the Alfredo sauce is homemade, and I can tell you the secret. Butter and cream. 1 they use good quality dairy so you can just taste the richness of the butter and how the cream makes the entire dish velvety. 2 when a recipe has real butter or real fat in it your whole mouth gets coated and the experience is completely different than waxy microwaved sauce from the Olive Garden.

The tomatoes, green onion, and fresh basil made this dish a lot lighter than traditional pasta and sauce hence the summer being added to its name.

-Pasta (whatever you want honestly, I didn’t have fettuccine on hand so I used spaghetti)
-1 Cup Half n Half or Whipping cream
-1/2 Cup Butter
-1 Cup grated Parmesan Cheese
-Olive Oil
-4 Garlic Cloves
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Fresh Basil
-Green Onion

Peel, Chop and put garlic in a saucepan with your butter and some olive oil, low heat is fine. This part can sit for quite a while if need be , and it helps the butter and oil absorb more of the garlic flavor.


Once you have let this sit as long as you’d like – minimum would be at least 5-10 on low so the garlic is not raw. Now, I did cheat slightly because I did not buy whipping cream but rather half n half (the containers look the same) soooooo I did have to make a very light roux because my sauce was just not going to thicken up on its’ own.

I am assuming I do not have to state that somewhere in here you should be boiling pasta? Save some of the pasta water to put in your sauce. The starches in the water help the sauce coat your pasta. Science!

If you had to make roux – you’ll live – if not – good for you for being some kind of genius unlike myself. Once your garlic is cooked to your fancy add the heavy cream, stir, and then finally add the cheese, ALL of the cheese. Don’t save some for garnish, you should have a separate stash of cheese for garnish….we like all the cheese. Once your pasta is al dente (real fettuccine would take anywhere from 8-10 minutes) add the strained pasta straight into the saucepan and then let the magic happen.







Yes, I added bacon. Sue me.

I know homemade Alfredo is not that impressive, but it is something that takes very little effort or time and it really does take the dish to a completely different level. I guarantee most of the public has not had true homemade Alfredo sauce. They either eat from a restaurant and it’s pre-made out of a can crap or they buy it from the store themselves. Believe me, there is a difference. A big one.


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