Champagne Margaritas

Yes, I went there.


These are beyond amazing and will make all you worries disappear. I love margaritas as much as anyone, but I love champagne more…..always. Excuse me, “Sparkling Wine”.

I had this grand idea to do a trio of Bellinis(a fruit compote of sorts mixed with champagne or sparkling wine) and so I bought a pineapple because that is tropical and fun. As I walked the aisle at my local grocery store to buy champs I spotted margarita mix, and though margarita mix out of a plastic jug is disgusting I had a craving. I knew I could make homemade margaritas, but wasn’t in the mood to spend $40 on good tequila, and so the idea came to use champagne, because why not?

I still bought the pineapple in case you were curious, I still wanted to blend it up and make a pineapple mimosa. I blended the pineapple, it was already to be added to ice cold champagne, but stupid me made the decision to mix up the margarita version, take a sip, and it was over. Pineapple was dead to me.Nothing could ever possibly compare. The blended pineapple sits in a bowl in my fridge sad and alone. I did add a few tablespoons to my chicken wing marinade, but other than that I want nothing to do with it.
At least for today……
Proof of said pineapple.


Simple Syrup is just that…..simple.
I personally believe that if you do not take the time to make your own margarita mix then you don’t deserve a margarita. Although, I suppose if you don’t make the homemade version you do then in fact deserve the sugary, watered down, synthetic flavored mix on sale 2 for $10. Have fun!

Standard ratio for cocktails simple syrup is 1:1. Easy. I used half cup sugar and half cup water, slap them in a pot, turn heat on medium/low until all the sugar granules have dissolved. This step took me maybe 5 minutes total….maybe. See? No excuses. Once granules have dissolved I added the juice of 4 limes. 4! Taste for your own personal preference.


Seriously, you should make these. Heaven is real so long as one of these is in your hand.

Official Recipe:
Homemade Margarita Mix (Fill 1/4 of champagne flute)
Champagne or Sparkling Wine (Fill rest of champagne flute)
Lime Wedge for Garnish.






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